How to Clear Memory on a Fanuc A06B-6055 or A06B-6059 Spindle Drive with Alarm 16-17

Procedure for Clearing the NVRAM Memory on Fanuc 6055 or 6059 Spindle Drive

This procedure will also clear an Alarm 16/17 which occurs when the NVRAM memory becomes scrambled.

For drives with just the drive and test jumper:

Step 1

With the power to the spindle drive turned off, set the jumper next to the keypad display to the “set” or “test” position.  Turn power to the spindle drive back on.  This will cause the data that is stored in the RAM chip to “scroll” across the display.

Step 2

You then need to hold down all four keys on the keypad until you can see all “F”s on the display.  Once the display shows all “F”s, you can hold down the “MODE” key and arrow down until “FC22” is shown on the display.

Step 3

Once “FC22” is being shown on the display, you may release all keys. Next, hold down the “data set” key until the word “good” is shown on the display.

Step 4

At this point, it is time to power down the spindle drive and move the jumper from the “set” or “test” position back to the “drive” position.   You then turn the power to the spindle drive back on and follow the procedures outlined in the maintenance manual for setting (or keying) the parameters back into the RAM chip.

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