List of Common Fanuc Alarm Codes

TIE Fanucworld will help you diagnose the source of the problem by explaining the meaning of common Fanuc alarm codes and walking you through troubleshooting procedures for each error.

Frequent Fanuc Alarm Codes include:

Alarm CodeMessageDiagnose & TroubleshootFanuc Unit
01Motor Overheat: The inside temperature of the motor is higher than the specified temperature. Diagnose Alarm 01

AC Serial Spindle A06B-6064

33Insufficient DC link section charging. Diagnose Alarm 33

AC Serial Spindle A06B-6064

8Abnormal current alarm (L axis) Diagnose Fanuc Servo Alarm 8

Alpha i Servo Amplifier

9Abnormal current alarm (M axis) Diagnose Servo Alarm 9

Alpha i Servo Amplifier

AAbnormal current alarm (N axis) Diagnose Alpha Servo Alarm A

Alpha i Servo Amplifier

5DCOH: Alarm occurs when average regenerative discharge energy is too high. Diagnose Alarm 5

AC Servo Amplifier A06B-6066

368 or 369Control needs a software update. Diagnose Alarm 368 and 369

Beta Amplifier A06B-6093-H11*

Alpha Amplifier A06B-6096-H***

High Voltage Alpha Amplifier A06B-6097-H***

If your CNC displays a Fanuc alarm code, Tennessee Industrial Electronics, LLC can provide fast, reliable diagnosis and repair services.

Fanuc Units We Service Include:

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