Fanuc A06B-6066 Drive – Alarm 5

Here is the Fanuc Alarm Code 5 message:

Alarm CodeMessageDescription
5DCOH (Excessive regenerative discharge alarm)

Fanuc Alarm Code 5 occurs when average regenerative discharge energy is too high.

How to Diagnose a Fanuc Alarm Code 5:

Step 1

If the “alarm 5” is after a new install, check jumpers/wires at screws 15/16 and 17/18/19. See the new install memo.

Step 2

If power is already off, do the resistances check first, then the voltage test.

Step 3

If the drive has been recently powered up, then power back up and do the voltage check first.

Step 4

After turning the power back off, please allow 30 minutes for the voltage to dissipate before checking the resistance.

Step 5

Voltage check: Measure the DC voltage between the jumper attached to screws 17/18 and 19.

Step 6

With the red lead on 17/18 and black lead on 19, you should get .003 to .006 volts DC. This voltage will climb steadily if there is a problem.

Step 7

Resistance check: This can only be done accurately after the charge voltage has dissipated.

Step 8

Remove jumper from screws 15/16 and tighten screws. With ohm meter, check resistance to verify that it is not OPEN.

Step 9

With the jumper removed check resistance between 17 and 18 to verify the internal discharge resistor is good (16 ohms). If using an external discharge resistor check resistance between 17 and 19 should also be (16 ohms)

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