Diagnose a Fanuc Spindle Drive Alarm 01 Code in 3 Steps

What is a Fanuc Spindle Drive Alarm 01?

A Fanuc Spindle Drive Alarm 01 Code is generated by the CNC when it detects that the inside temperature of the drive motor is higher than the specified temperature. Here is the Fanuc Alarm 01 message:

Alarm CodeMessageDescription
01Motor Overheat

The Alarm Code 01 detects internal motor temperatures exceeding the specified temperature.

Fanuc Alarm 01 covers the following Spindle Drive product series:

If your unit falls under the A06B-6062, A06B-6063, or A06B-6064 product series and has generated a Fanuc Alarm 01, TIE can help identify some of the potential causes.

How to troubleshoot a Fanuc Spindle Drive Alarm 01 Code

Step 1

If a Fanuc Alarm 01 Code is issued during cutting:

(a) Investigate the cooling state of the spindle motor.

  1. If the cooling fan is stopped, check the power supply. Otherwise, replace the cooling fan. The technicians at TIE can help repair or replace the cooling fan on your spindle drive.
  2. If your spindle drive utilizes a liquid-cooled motor, search for issues with the cooling system.
  3. Make sure the ambient temperature of the spindle motor is within the appropriate range specified for your unit.

(b) Check the short-period rating. If this alarm is issued when the load meter fluctuates in a limited range, the short-rating period is being exceeded and the load needs to be reduced.

Step 2

If the Spindle Drive Alarm 01 is generated under a light load:

(a) Make sure the frequency of acceleration/deceleration does not exceed the continuous rating.

(b) Check the specific parameters of the drive motor and make sure they are correctly applied.

Step 3

If the Alarm 01 is issued when the motor temperature is low:

(a) The spindle motor feedback cable may be faulty. Make sure the CN2 cable is plugged into the CN2 connector. If the CN2 cable is appropriately connected and still registering an Alarm 01 when the motor temperature is low, replace the cable.

(b) Check the control printed circuit board or spindle amplifier. If it is faulty, T.I.E. can replace the control PCB or spindle amplifier to get your CNC machine back up and running.

(c) Investigate the internal thermostat of the motor. If it is faulty, the entire motor may need to be replaced.

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