How To Tell If a Fanuc Straight Shaft AC Servo Motor Has a Keyway

This information applies only to O.E.M. Motors that have not been repaired or modified.

If the end of the motor shaft with the coupling is visible, check to see how many holes are in the center of the Shaft. The picture on the left with one center hole is a slick shaft. The picture on the right with three holes is a Keyed shaft.

If the end of the motor shaft is not visible, check the tag on the motor to see if it is a yellow fanuc tag or a Silver g.E. Fanuc tag. G.E. Fanuc put a # suffix on all their motors, but fanuc did not. The above tags are both for A motor with a keyed shaft. The tag on the right shows the g.E. Fanuc suffix of #7008, which indicates a keyed Shaft. The tag on the left has the suffix of #0008, which also indicates a keyed shaft.

The above tags are both for a motor with a slick shaft. G.E. Fanuc uses the designation #7000 for a slick shaft. Fanuc uses no # suffix for a slick shaft.

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