Refurbishing Fanuc Servo Motors and Drives

Like other key components of a CNC machine, a bad servo motor or drive/amplifier is a serious problem. If you have one that’s been severely damaged or is just at the end of its service life, you need to consider a replacement. The default choice might be to purchase a brand-new Fanuc part from the manufacturer or a reseller. But a refurbished part might be a better choice. Read on to learn more about refurbished servo motors and amplifiers, including why they are a great option.

The Process of Refurbishing Fanuc CNC Motors and Fanuc Drives/Amplifiers

Fanuc Motor Refurbishment

Sooner or later, any Fanuc servo motor or Fanuc drive will need servicing. At this juncture you have two options: do you repair the part or purchase a replacement Fanuc part. In many instances, the repair job turns into a major overhaul. If we take in a used servo motor and refurbish the process will look something like this:

  • Step One – Disassemble Fanuc part while inspecting the part’s condition.
  • Step Two – Clean and wash entire unit.
  • Step Three – Test individual components.
  • Step Four – Replace worn or damaged internal parts, including windings and bearings.
  • Step Five – Reassemble and confirm unit is within OEM specs, including encoder alignment, brake torque and shaft runout.
  • Step Six – Final test on Fanuc control.  Most parts repaired and refurbished at TIE are tested under load to ensure OEM-like standards of quality and repeatability.
  • Step Seven – Pant, apply new identification tag, and QC unit.

In short, the customer receives a refurbished unit that has been Fanuc control tested for 50-75% less than the OEM pricing with a 1-year warranty.

This is possible for a very straightforward reason – we start with a complete, if well-used part, and rebuild the part from the ground up. This process is pretty much the same whether the part needs to be taken apart and fixed or refurbished. The refurbishing process is also similar for spindle motors and drives. 

Fanuc Drives

Fanuc drives (amplifiers) go through a similar refurbishment process. The drive will first be evaluated then tested for alignment. Internal parts like rotors, potentiometers, resolvers, and encoders will be checked and replaced. The exterior will finally be cleaned and painted too. 

Note that normal wear and tear may not show up clearly until the motor or drive fails. Alarm codes will usually show that something is wrong before the part fails, but the reason can be hard to pin down. This is in part because the windings inside any electric motor can slowly corrode or suffer almost invisible damage that will nevertheless degrade the components’ effectiveness. This degradation may come about because of things like an uneven power supply, moisture (the enemy of all electrical equipment) or dust.

Why Buy Refurbished Fanuc Parts vs New?

In short, refurbished servo motors and drives cost less. The savings vary but most refurbished Fanuc parts save 50% to 75% off OEM Pricing. TIE also takes used parts in for core exchange providing our customers with further savings.

So, do the math. If you replace three Fanuc parts a year and would spend $18,000 on new motors, drives, and amplifiers, then buying refurbished could realistically save your company $9,000 a year at no loss of reliability or quality. Note that the key to a good refurbishing job is good performance testing, to ensure the repaired and reassembled motor or drive really works as advertised. 

An expertly refurbished motor, drive, or amplifier will perform just as expected, thanks to a rigorous repair and testing process. As you probably know, the tolerances needed in machined parts call for extremely careful balancing and precise movements so here some careful calibration is a must.

Refurbished Fanuc Parts Save Money

An expertly repaired and tested Fanuc servo motor or amplifier is a reliable and cost-effective alternative to buying new parts when the time comes to buy a replacement. When a servo or amplifier shows signs of reaching the end of its service life, consider buying a refurbished replacement. If you need a refurbished motor or amplifier check with us; we have over 100,000 Fanuc parts in stock, ready to ship. View our full inventory at and request a quick quote delivered in 15 minutes!

Get your Fanuc CNC machine back up and running.

TIE offers same day shipping on more than 100,000 Fanuc CNC parts in stock. We offer a 1 year in service warranty on all parts and repairs.

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