10 Step Quality Checklist for Fanuc Drive Repair

  1. Initial inspection upon receipt from customer
  2. Fanuc drives are evaluated before any repairs are performed to identify the failure
  3. Parts are disassembled and thoroughly cleaned after evaluation
  4. Repairs are completed as necessary
  5. All components that commonly fail are replaced as part of our routine repairs such as capacitors, relays, fans etc.
  6. Plastic or metal housing is replaced with new components as needed
  7. Drives are tested by running on a Fanuc control test overnight to ensure reliability
  8. All parts go through a final quality control check before being offered for sale
  9. Careful packing and shipping to ensure the product arrives in perfect working order
  10. Free Tech Support to answer your questions

Get your Fanuc CNC machine back up and running.

TIE offers same day shipping on more than 100,000 Fanuc CNC parts in stock. We offer a 1 year in service warranty on all parts and repairs.

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