Save More on Your Fanuc Parts With T.I.E.’s Exchange Program

At T.I.E. Industrial, we offer a comprehensive Core Exchange Program designed to streamline your operations by providing cost-effective, refurbished Fanuc CNC parts. This program is a strategic way to reduce downtime and extend the lifecycle of your equipment with savings of up to 50% compared to purchasing new OEM parts. Here’s an in-depth look at how you can leverage our program to benefit your manufacturing processes.

Save on Fanuc Parts by Selling Your Core Exchange

Our Core Exchange Program is engineered to offer significant cost advantages. When you select a refurbished part from our inventory, you are eligible for an exchange credit upon returning your non-functional part. This credit further reduces the already discounted price of our refurbished components, contributing to total savings that can reach up to 50% – 75% off the OEM list price.

Step-by-Step Fanuc Part Exchange Process

  1. Purchase and Credit Allocation: When you purchase a refurbished Fanuc part, the full price is billed. The final cost you incur will reflect the maximum allowable core exchange credit, which is detailed on quotes and our webpage.
  2. RMA Issuance: With your purchase, you will receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form, necessary for the exchange process. The RMA, which is included under the packing slip, provides a clear outline of the steps to follow and details such as the RMA number, order number, and our return address.
  3. Return and Evaluation: You are responsible for the return shipping of the faulty part. We encourage ground shipping to maintain cost efficiency. Upon receipt, our certified technicians will evaluate the part to determine the exchange credit, which is contingent upon the part being economically repairable.
  4. Credit Finalization: Evaluation results and corresponding credits are processed within ten business days. This credit can be utilized to offset any outstanding balances or, if applicable, refunded directly, if requested within 10 days of receipt of the credit memo.

Core Exchange Program Specifics

  • Exchange-Only Products: Certain products require an exchange part, identified as “Exchange-Only” items during the purchase process. By procuring these, you agree to return a repairable core within the designated core exchange window.
  • Quality Assurance: All refurbished Fanuc CNC products undergo rigorous inspection and testing, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.
  • Warranty Protection: Our commitment to excellence is backed by a 1-Year In-Service Warranty on all Fanuc CNC drives, motors, and most control products.
  • Inventory Strength: With over 75,000 items in stock, we are equipped to offer immediate exchange and delivery for most parts, with the capability to configure additional items thanks to our vast component inventory.
  • Inventory Acquisition: We actively purchase surplus and used inventory, which not only diversifies our stock but also supports our customers by providing a platform to sell excess components.

Engagement and Support

  • Special Considerations: For parts returned for restocking or warranty issues, specific conditions apply. A restocking fee of 15% is applicable for returns not needed due to order error or change in requirements. Warranty returns must be coordinated with our technical support team to ensure proper case management and resolution.
  • Customer Responsibility: The customer is expected to return the same part number as received unless a prior exception has been granted. For blind or drop shipments, the RMA form will include the purchasing company’s information instead of T.I.E. Industrial’s details.

Request a Quote Today

For detailed guidance on the Core Exchange Program and to benefit from the significant savings and efficiency it offers, we invite you to visit Here, you can request a quick quote, explore our inventory, and initiate the process to keep your manufacturing facility running at its best with minimal cost. Our customer service team is ready to assist you with any inquiries and to ensure a seamless transaction.

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TIE offers same day shipping on more than 100,000 Fanuc CNC parts in stock. We offer a 1 year in service warranty on all parts and repairs.

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