Preventive Maintenance Can Prolong Life of Fanuc Spindle Motor

Today’s machine tool spindles are faster and more complex, and the costs associated with repairs are increasing. To help prolong the life of your Fanuc spindle motor, preventative maintenance of your machine’s spindle is key. At TIE, we’ve seen all types of damage from the drive keys being completely sheared off the shaft, overheating, corrosion and more. These motors often operate in a dirty environment and severely contaminated bearings are the most common cause of spindle failure.

Other causes include: crash/impact damage due to human error, lack of lubrication, machine vibration, programming mistakes, misaligned tool, or fixturing that has been mounted incorrectly.

Shops can prolong the life of its machine tool spindle motors by adding a few simple maintenance procedures to be performed on a monthly basis.

  • Prevent contamination of machining fluids
  • Proper spindle installation and removal
  • Proper lubrication
  • Bearing impact prevention
  • Best tooling interface approaches
  • Prevention of machine vibration – use a vibration analysis unit/accelerometer to perform monthly tests

By conducting simple routine maintenance, you may be able to prolong the life of your Fanuc spindle motor and prevent costly downtime. If you do have a problem or need help on how to apply these maintenance techniques, call Tech Support Team for free tech support and troubleshooting. We offer same day delivery on many motors, as well as rush repair service. Call 888-995-9864.

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