New Install for A06B-6059-H203 to H227 Spindle Drive

New install for A06B-6059-h203 to 6059-h227 Spindle Drive or an A20B-1003-0010 Spindle Drive PCB

Step 1

Set the jumpers to match your old spindle PCB.

Step 2

Move the software chips from the old spindle PCB to the new spindle PCB.

Failure to move the software from the old drive to the new drive will cause the display on the drive to be blank.

Please note: The chips are numbered and must be installed in the appropriate socket. Please also note the chips have a notch or key in them and so does the socket the chips go into. Please match the notch or key on the chip with the notch or key on the socket.

Step 3

Move the NVRAM chip which is at location MA25 (see picture below) from the old spindle PCB to the new spindle PCB. This NVRAM chip contains your parameters. It is much easier to move the chip than it is to key in the parameters manually.

Please note: This chip and socket are also keyed and must be installed correctly.

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