How to Install a Fanuc A16B-1000-0010 Master PCB

How to Install a Fanuc A16B-1000-0010 Master PCB

A16B-1000-0010 New Install

A parity alarm is normal for the new install of an A16B-1000-0010 master PCB.

Step 1

Set all jumpers on the new master PCB to match the old master PCB.

Step 2

Move socketed chips from the old master PCB to the new master PCB.  Match the key on the chip to the key on the socket.

Step 3

To perform a memory clear, first turn the PWE (parameter input) switch on.  Next, with the control off, hold down the RESET and the DELETE key, then power up the control.  Continue to hold the two buttons until the screen appears.  This will clear parity alarm so you can reload all parameters.

Step 4

Reload all parameters.

Please note:  If your control has an A20B-1000-0320 FAPT PCB, you may also need to initialize FAPT memory by holding down the BS key while powering on the control.  Then, follow the instructions on the screen.

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