How to Install Fanuc Servo Software for Fiber Optic Servo Modules from SRAM

Installing Servo Software

First try to install the drive without installing the Servo Software.  If you get a 368 or 369 Alarm, go through the following software installation steps.

Step 1

Hold down the right two soft keys under the screen and turn on the control to get into the Boot System.

Step 2

Insert the SRAM card provided.

Step 3

Highlight “System Data Loading from the main menu, and press the “Select soft key.

Step 4

Highlight “DGSERVO, press “Select, and press “Yes” to confirm.

Step 5

Wait for the screen to say Complete”, then press “Select to continue.

Step 6

Highlight “End” and press “Select to get back to the main menu.

Step 7

Highlight “End” and press “Select to boot control.

Step 8

Press “Yes” to confirm.

NOTE: If you still get a 368 or 369 Alarm, repeat the installation steps loading DG2SERVO instead.

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