How to Load Parameters on a Fanuc 15A Control

Loading Parameters on a 15A Control

Step 1

With the control power off, connect RS232 cable. Power on control while holding down 7 & 9 keys.

Step 2

In IPL mode, key in 99, then press input. Clear file press [y].  Key in the number of axes.  Key in the three passwords.  (Example:  23678625, 37264699, 19261161)  Push the input key after each password.  The [?] will show up for each password.  Input option list in hexadecimal code.  Input through the unused option locations.  To end IPL, press [6], and then press the input key.

Step 3

The screen may then give a RAM parity error if using the FAPT. Turn off the control.  Turn on the control while holding down the [BS] key.  Type in [CFINT] then [1].  The screen should say sub initialized.  Hit the CNC/PMC button.  The screen should have digital parameter alarms.

Step 4

Engage E-Stop. Hit the settings soft key twice.  Page up.  Put a [1] in bit zero of settings parameter 8000 to turn on PWE.

Step 5

Press the service soft key to get to the parameter page. Hit the right arrow soft key until the read soft key appears.  Press the read soft key.  Read will flash.

Step 6

Load the parameter list.

Step 7

Turn off control. Release E-Stop.  Turn on the control.  The control should come up ready.

Step 8

Put the control in edit mode and load programs.

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