Robot Maintenance and Vigo Grease

Robot Maintenance and Vigo Grease

Introducing VIGOGREASE REO, an innovative Japanese robot grease designed to address previous grease-related challenges. In the realm of industrial robot maintenance, the choice of grease plays a pivotal role. Opting for a reliable product can significantly extend your robot’s service life. Connect with the experts at T.I.E. today to explore the benefits of VIGOGREASE for your robots.

There’s no denying the paramount importance of robot grease in the realm of industrial robot maintenance. Selecting the appropriate grease for precision reduction gears and regularly changing it is crucial. Yet, even when adhering to best practices, grease-related issues can arise.

Enter VIGOGREASE REO, a novel Japanese robot grease that aims to resolve some of the challenges associated with earlier grease options. While sharing some ingredients with other grease blends, the Vigo formulation is reputed for delivering superior performance.

Transitioning to Vigo Grease:

If you acquire a new Japanese-manufactured robot—Motoman, Fanuc, Nachi, or Panasonic robot—chances are it will be equipped with VIGO grease (part number A98L-0040-0174#16KG). This relatively new robot gear lubricant is now standard for Nabtesco reduction gears in new robots. Older robot models, however, will continue to rely on MolyWhite.

Vigo vs. MolyWhite:

MolyWhite, a heterogeneous mixture of grease and oil, has long been the go-to choice for lubricating robotic gears. However, the oil has a tendency to separate from the mixture and leak through seals designed for grease, not oil. Heat and other factors can cause the breakdown of MolyWhite robot grease.

The Vigo grease formulation differs slightly from MolyWhite, containing a higher concentration of EP (extreme pressure) additives, specifically Molybdenum compound and zinc compound. According to Bichon, Vigo grease appears to be less viscous than MolyWhite, which may contribute to its superior performance in robot reduction gears.

Steer Clear of Gear Problems:

While Vigo comes at a higher cost compared to other robot grease types, it holds the potential for significantly better returns on investment. Without the right robot grease, reduction gears can experience breakdowns and blockages. Regularly check gears and perform preventive maintenance to extend your robot’s lifespan. Always adhere to the instructions provided in your robot’s specific manual.

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