Preventative Maintenance Checklist for your Fanuc Robot

Fanuc recommends performing preventative maintenance on your robot every 11,520 operating hours or one year of your robot’s lifecycle. Performing regular preventative maintenance on your Fanuc robot can not only prolong the life of your robot but also helps eliminate downtime that could come from a lack of regular maintenance or inspection of your robot’s parts.

Having your own preventative checklist for your company helps ensure that every robot is up to your specified standards of maintenance.

Here are some top items to include in your preventative maintenance checklist:

Mechanical Unit Preventative Maintenance Tasks:

  1. Check for any physical damage, abnormal wear, or vibration in mechanical unit.
  2. All Servo Motors are thoroughly checked for any defects, including brakes and encoders.
  3. Measure and record the resistance across each motor brake coil. (In Ohms)
    Axis 1 Axis 2 Axis 3 Axis 4 Axis 5 Axis 6
  4. Test for backlash in mechanical drives to determine if they are within OEM specs
    Axis 1 Axis 2 Axis 3 Axis 4 Axis 5 Axis 6
  5. Inspect all mechanical unit cables and connectors.
  6. Clean all mechanical unit contact pins and plugs.
  7. Replace any missing or damaged zirc fitting and grease plugs.
  8. Replace the grease/oil of the J1-, J2-, J3-, J4-, and J6 reducers, the J5 gear box, and the wrist unit.
  9. Collect grease samples from the robots labeled with F number and axis location.
  10. Check Balancer for wear.
  11. Grease the balancer bushings.
  12. Replace encoder batteries.
  13. Validate mastering of the robot and re-mastering if necessary
  14. Record the mastering numbers in the controller cabinet and on the documentation.
    Axis One
    Axis Two
    Axis Three
    Axis Four
    Axis Five
    Axis Six
  15. Determine future maintenance requirements.
  16. Robot service assessment based on inspection results.

Controller Preventative Maintenance Tasks:

  1. Inspect inside and outside of controller cabinet for any defects.
  2. Inspect heat exchangers and clean if needed.
  3. Inspect and clean RCC Connectors.
  4. Clean and Inspect the teach Pendant.
  5. Inspect Cooling fans and document any that have failed. See notes on next page
  6. Replace Controller Battery
  7. Reroute and secure any controller cabling if needed.

There are also smaller checks you can establish to make your yearly preventative maintenance checks go more smoothly. Below we have identified measures you can take daily, monthly, and quarterly to help you stay on top of the health of your industrial robot.

Daily – clean sensors and optics and visually check component parts for damage before powering your robot on. Check robots for grease or oil leakage.

Monthly – clean cooling fans to maintain ventilation to your robot and ensure efficient airflow.

Quarterly – Check the cables of your robot. Are they free of kinks and tears? Retighten mounting bolts, clean chips and debris away from robot, check the end of arm tool and tighten bolts, when necessary,

While not every team is large enough to perform their own preventive maintenance, TIE Industrial has a solution. At FanucWorld, we are able to do regular preventative maintenance on your industrial robots and, if needed rebuild and replace parts within your robot that are past their prime. To get started, fill out our quick quote form and one of our experienced customer service representatives will be happy to assist.

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