Breaking Down Fanuc Robot Model Letters

Fanuc is one of the largest robotic suppliers in the world. Along with just supplying robots, Fanuc also manufactures a variety of robot and CNC parts such as controllers, robot wrists, servo motors, drives, and teach pendants. With all of these part numbers, it can be hard to fully understand how to break down the part numbers to identify what the various numbers of the robot’s part numbers mean.

What Fanuc Robot Model Letters Mean:

C= Cleanroom Robotexam­ple: Fanuc LR Mate 200iC/​7C

Specially sealed robots that have internal vacuums, stainless steel hardware, and non-gassing lubricants that are able to meet cleanliness standards for manufacturing companies producing pollution-sensitive products.

CF= Compact Robotexam­ple: Fanuc R‑2000iB/​170CF

These robots are typically small but mighty. These compact robots can be mounted on the floor the ceiling and are built to handle similar payloads to their standard model counterpart.

E= Offset Wrist Robotexam­ple: M‑710iC/​50E

Robots with an offset wrist that includes at least rotational axes at the end of its arm. These robots are ideal for machine tending, grinding, water jet cutting and washing robot applications.

F= Floor Mount Robotexam­ple: Fanuc M‑430iA/​4F

These robots provide additional stability necessary for high-payload or high-precision applications.

FH= Food Handling Robot, hol­low wrist, exam­ple: Fanuc M‑430iA/​4FH

Used most often for packaging, part transfer and assembly robot applications, these robots are approved for both primary food handling, but also secondary food handling.

FS= F&B Hollow Wrist Robotexam­ple: Fanuc R‑2000iB/​210FS

This robot has a hollow wrist that decreases the amount of wear and tear on the robot with the majority of the dress package being within the robot casing itself.

H5‑axis Palletizing Robotexam­ple: R‑2000iB/​100H

This robot is best used for a high-speed/high payload palletizing applications.

L= Long Arm Robot Applicationsexam­ple: Fanuc R‑2000iB/​125L

Similar to their standard edition counterparts, these long arm robots are ideal for applications in which you need a longer reach. Common uses are Material Handling, Machine Loading, and Plasma Cutting Applications.

LC= Long Arm Clean Room Robotexam­ple: Fanuc LR Mate 200iD/​7LC

Similar their standard clean room robot counterparts this robot also offers extended reach without sacrificing payload capabilities.

LT= Long Arm Top Mount Robotexam­ple: Fanuc ARC Mate 120iB/​10LT

For applications that need to be able to come from above to reach a smaller space, Fanuc robots has brought out the Long Arm Top Mount Robot. This is ideal for multiple robot welding applications as well as performing other hard to reach operations.

M= High Inertia Robotexam­ple: Fanuc M‑710iC/​45M

This robot offers a high inertia rating giving it a much higher allowable load inertia at the J6 wrist than it’s standard model counterpart. Dispensing Robots, Machine Tending Robots, and Pick and Place Robots are popular uses for this model.

MS= Short Arm High Inertia Robot, exam­ple: Fanuc M‑10iA/​10MS

These robots can also handle a higher allowable load inertia at the J6 wrist but also have a short arm for applications where space is an important factor to consider.

MT= High Inertia Top Mount Robotexam­ple: Fanuc M‑20iA/​20MT

To save further space in factories that lack the ability to spread out their applications we have the High Inertia Top Mount Robot. The ability to be rail mounted allows the robot to not only save space but to also get in to more compact work spaces.

P= Pedestal Mount Robot, exam­ple: M‑900iA/​150P

For applications that require Press Tending Robots or Part Transfer Robots we bring you the Pedestal Mount Series. These pedestal mount robots have increased flexibility and reach.

PH= Hollow Wrist Pedestal Mount Robotexam­ple: Fanuc M‑430iA/​2PH

Bringing you all of the benefits of the Pedestal Mount Robots, the hollow wrist of the PH robots are ideal for decreasing wear and tear on your robot by concealing the dress package within the wrist.

R= Rack Mount Robotexam­ple: Fanuc R‑2000iA/​165R

Save floor space without sacrificing payload capacity with the rack mount robot. These robots mounted to racks within your application and are ideal for Assembly Robot, Material Handling Robot, and Spot-Welding Robots.

S = Short Arm Robotexam­ple: Fanuc ARC Mate 100iC/​12S

Save floor space on your production line with short arm robots. These robots are able to provide the same functions as their standard model counterparts while in close proximity to the application they are working on.

SC= Short Arm Cleanroom Robotexam­ple: Fanuc LR Mate 200iD/​4SC

When maintaining and ensuring cleanliness while being in close proximity to it’s work station, these Short Arm Cleanroom Robots are ideal for small payload operations that still require six-axis range of motion.

T= Top Mount Robotexam­ple: Fanuc M‑20iA/​20T

Top Mount Robots are another space saving rail mounted robot that gives you the full range of motion needed for your application while not sacrificing payload capabilities.

U= Upside Down Mount Robotexam­ple: Fanuc R‑2000iB/​220U

Ideal for applications where the work area needs to be maintained from above or for overhead conveyer systems, this robot is most commonly found in spot welding, material handling, and part loading.

US= Hollow Wrist Upside Down Robotexam­ple: Fanuc R‑2000iB/​220US

The hollow wrist of the US robots are ideal for decreasing wear and tear on your robot by concealing the dress package within the wrist. This is extremely important for robots that are suspended when working on their applications.

WE= Wash Environment Robotexam­ple: R‑2000iB/​210WE

This robot is used most commonly in environments where dust, dirt, and water are a factor. For example washing environments and applications.

WP= Wash Proof Robotexam­ple: Fanuc LR Mate 200iD/​7WP

Similar to the Wash Environment Robot, the Wash Proof Robot is also able to handle a variety of wet conditions. More used in environments where you are expecting more dirt and grime to be present. While not often used in washing applications, this robot is also water resistant.

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