Top 10 Reasons LCD Screens are Superior to CRT Monitors

We often get asked, “should I replace my old CRT with a new LCD? What is the difference?” There are several factors to consider including price, resolution, energy savings and disposal. Listed below are some of the top reasons why the LCD may be a better choice.

  1. Size and Weight: The color LCD is thinner and much lighter. It is much easier to install into tight areas. The CRT can weigh up to 50 pounds and needs additional bracing and heavier supports.
  2. Price: At first glance, the CRT wins here. It is older technology and the price is cheaper. However you give up all the features mentioned in this list. Also disposal costs and higher energy costs may negate any price savings.
  3. Viewing area: LCDs have a larger viewing area. Example: a 19” CRT has only 18” screen view, and the LCD has a full 19” diagonal picture.
  4. Picture: The resolution is sharp and crisp on the LCDs compared to the old CRTs.
  5. Glare: The LCD has a mat type screen eliminating any glare. LCDs are glass and have a lot of glare thus reducing visibility and clarity.
  6. Burn: LCDs do not have a burn-in issue. CRTs, if left on the same screen for long periods of time, will leave a ghost image.
  7. Flicker: The newer LCDs have minimal to no flickering due to their higher refresh rate. Many operators see a flicker on the CRTs.
  8. Response Time: The new LCDs are just as quick as the CRT. While the older LCDs were much slower, this has changed within the past 4 to 5 years.
  9. Power: Energy savings on the LCD can make a big difference in companies having multiple units in production. Savings can be as much as 1/3 over the older CRT.
  10. Disposal: The major reason most companies prefer the LCD over the CRT is the disposal. Most disposal companies charge extra to process a CRT.

Summary: Based on price alone, you may choose to stay with the CRT. However, you must consider the energy cost savings to operate an LCD vs. CRT, plus the added cost of disposal for CRTs. In many instances, the CRT may actually cost more in the long run. With its large, high resolution screen and compact housing for easy installation, the LCD offers many advantages over the older CRT technology.

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