How to Change a Fanuc Zero A and Zero B Master PCB

How to Change a Fanuc Zero A and Zero B Master PCB

Parameters VIA the RS232 Port on Fanuc 0A, 0B & 0C Controls

Step 1

For a Mill or a Lathe, holding down the “reset” and “delete” keys while powering up will clear the RAM parity alarm and will also turn “PWE” For a punch press, use the “zero” and “delete” keys.

Step 2

By hand, key in ALL the option parameters. These are the 900 series parameters.  This will turn on the RS232 option (901 bit 6), the soft key op panel (if used), and allow it to read spindle parameters on serial spindle (917 bit 1).

Step 3

Power off and back on.  Op panel will now work.  Go into edit mode and release E-STOP (diagnostic 21 bit 4, 0=ESTP 1≠ESTP).  Go to the parameter screen.  Press “input”.  LSK will flash on screen and will change to input when parameters load.

Please note:  The control must be in edit mode to load parameters via the RS-232 port, and it must be in MDI mode to load the parameters by hand.

Best Way to Back Up Parameters (Including the option parameters on Fanuc 0A, 0B & 0C Controls)

Go to the parameter screen.  Go to edit mode (will show “edit” on bottom left of screen).  Hold down the “end of block” key and press “output” at the same time.This will output the option parameter, along with the other parameters.

Be sure to go to the “diagnostic” page and output those, as well.  Also, any unsaved programs should be saved.

To Reload the Parameters into the Control

Go to 900 parameters and set up the RS232 and soft key op panel.  Go to the parameter screen.  Go to edit mode and make sure E-STOP is on (diagnostic 21 bit 4 must be zero).  Hold down “end of block” key and press “input” key.

Replacing Master PCB on Zero A/B

Step 1

Verify the number of LSI chips, and install 4th LSI from old board, if needed.

Step 2

Set jumpers.

Step 3

Install software chips.

Step 4

Charging the master PCB or removal of battery from master PCB will generate a RAM parity alarm. To clear the RAM parity alarm, hold down the “reset” and “delete” keys during power up. For a punch press, use the “zero” and “delete”

Step 5

Put the machine in E-STOP and enter the option parameters (the 900 parameters).

Step 6

Power down and back up.

Step 7

Enter the rest of the parameters. They can be entered by hand (E-STOP must be OFF) while in the MDI mode OR they can be entered through the RS232.  Once the RS232 has been set up, you must be in edit mode with ESTOP off to enter parameters through the RS232 by hand.  While in the parameter screen, set up your laptop and select the “input”  LSK will flash on the CRT screen.

Step 8

Enter all PC parameters (diagnostics, timers, counters, offsets, keep relays, etc.)

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