What’s the buzz with Aerospace Manufacturing Robots?

It’s no secret that COVID had a significant impact in the aerospace and aviation industry. The industry itself has seen a lot of fluctuation keeping manufacturers on their toes trying to keep up and plan for demand changes. As these demands increase for the aerospace manufacturing industry, the need to scale is ever prevalent. That is where aerospace robots come in to help manufacturers keep up with the demand.

In 2022 the aerospace industry was seeing a significant boom in A&D (Aerospace & Defense) demand. According to an article by FitchRatings.com, large commercial aircraft deliveries will increase in 2023 by more than 20% versus 2022.  This same outlook report also sees suppliers to OEMs benefiting from these numbers as aftermarket sales and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) servicing will also see an increase in demand.

Jump forward to 2023. The buzz within the industry is that Boeing plans to increase production of their 737 Max aircraft. A recap of a press release by Reuters.com states that Boeing has plans to increase their monthly MAX production to 50 planes per month by 2026 while also ramping up their 787 production to 10 planes per month. Stan Deal CEO of Boeing is stated as saying that supply chain issues are “getting better” but are still working through training of employees brought on to handle the influx of post-pandemic orders.

But what does this mean for aerospace & defense manufacturing companies?

With the product demand growing, airplane manufacturers are struggling to stay on top of supply chain issues. That means they need their parts in house and ready for assembly. That is where vendors of aerospace and defense companies will see an influx in ordering. Along with production increases, all planes must go through FAA certification.

Stan Deal is also quoted as saying:

“The company is also making progress with the new 737 MAX 7 model and is in the process of completing final submissions for Federal Aviation Administration certification. We’ve got a handful – less than a handful – left to go to the FAA. We’re working a few issues around those submittals. I want them to be perfect, I want the FAA to feel comfortable, and then give them the time to go review.””.

This puts some extra pressure on manufacturers to make sure their products are the picture of perfection when shipping them to the factory to be assembled.

Robotic Automation Increases Quality

Aerospace manufacturing companies are utilizing robots and robotic automation to increase the quality of the product. Robots are built to be able to do the exact same task the exact same way with near perfect precision. This precision allows every part to come out of your plant with near perfect quality. FAA Certification is very important to airplane manufacturers. An improper part can set delivery of a plane back weeks while the change is implemented and sent through certification again.

Keep up With Demand

Industrial robots are used more often in aerospace automation and manufacturing due to the ability to work around the clock. Being able to work around the clock increases the amount of product you are able to produce.

Here are three ways to keep up with aerospace manufacturing demand through your automation system:

  1. Keep spare parts on hand for quick robot maintenance.
  2. Increase the output of your automation with additional industrial robots.
  3. Utilize our free tech support for maintenance beyond your scope.

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