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Just $450 Per Student. (Per Session Bulk Discounts Available.)

Live classroom instruction with hands-on lab exercises on CNC control simulators

Basic Classes Available

  • Screen Navigation for CNC Troubleshooting
    This hands on class will cover the various screens used in diagnosing problems on a CNC control. On the CNC side, we will be covering Position, Program and the Offset / Settings pages. A considerable amount of time will be spent on the System pages. This will include parameters, diagnostics, servo settings, configuration and others. On the PMC side we will be looking at the PMC maintenance pages including the status and force screens, I/O link configurations, timers, counters and PMC errors. We will also be going over the ladder logic screen navigation and settings pages. The configuration pages will include information on alarm messages, system display and troubleshooting.
  • Machine Backup and Parameter Settings
    In this session we will backup all of the critical data on a machine tool and cover the restore process. Next, we will go through a large number of common parameters that should be adjusted by the end user for proper machine maintenance.

Advanced Classes Available

  • M-codes
    This class will discuss what an M-code actually is, how it’s created and read by the CNC. We will go through chasing an M-code through the ladder logic and diagnose problems encountered with them. This class has an extensive lab in which the student will execute M-codes and chase problems created by them through the ladder.

    For a preview of this subject, check out our Free M-Codes Online Learning Module
  • Machine Tool Builder Alarms
    Fanuc sold you a motion control device. It makes motors move. If they don’t do what they are supposed to, the Fanuc controls throws up an alarm. All of the other components on a machine are controlled by the machine tool builder. This builder will install alarms in the machine. Some of these can be confusing. This class shows you how to chase the alarms through the ladder logic to find the resolution. In the labs for this class, the students will initiate an alarm, locate the cause of the alarm and find the resolution.

    For a preview of this subject, check out our Free MTB Alarm Online Learning Module
  • Timers and Counters
    In this lab the students will be introduced to multiple types of counters and timers that are used in the Fanuc ladder logic. You will learn the difference between variable and fixed function statements. Alarms will be induced into the machine that will make use of these functions. Students must use these settings to diagnose the resolution.
  • Move Statements
    This training sessions is a follow up to the timers and counters lab. You will make use of the Move function statements in the Fanuc ladder logic. Learn how items, such as alarm messages, are moved around in the ladder. Once again, alarms will be introduced into the machine. Using what you learn in this class, solve the issue on the machine.
  • Data Tables
    Data tables have grown in popularity. These are used by many machine builders to enable and disable machine functions. They are also used to store information such as, tool registry information, tool usage and the status of items like pallet changers and tool changers. The data table control page will be covered in great detail, along with how to protect the data tables from being altered.
  • Trace Functions
    The trace function is one of the most powerful diagnostic tools built into the Fanuc control. It’s grown up considerably since the first version came out. This can be used to capture intermittent problems on a machine. For example, the machine randomly goes into a feed hold condition. It only happens once or twice a day. Use the trace to find out why. Think of it as a strip recorder on steroids.

Just $450 Per Student. (Per Session Bulk Discounts Available.)

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