Fanuc CNC Maintenance Classes

T.I.E. provides Best-In-Class Fanuc CNC Training

We are the world’s best resource for high-quality refurbished Fanuc CNC parts. Our industry leading experience and un-matched volume of control specific test systems allows us to test everything we sell under load, and many of our most popular parts under the maximum rated load.

Our testing capabilities and extensive knowledgebase makes us the best choice for CNC Maintenance training. Leveraging an intensive, proprietary curriculum developed by industry legend John Robbins our training classes will enable you to grow your career, increase shop efficiency and expand your horizons.

Whether you are new to CNC or a seasoned veteran, we have a class designed just for you.

All classes are intensive, 3-day sessions. Cost per student is $1,500. Certificate is provided upon completion.

Basic Class

Best for students with no prior CNC experience.

This class will cover an introduction to CNC’s. We will cover the environmental and mechanical components of the machine along with basic servo theory. In this class you will:

  • Disassemble and reassemble the simulator while looking at the major components and discussing how their failure will impact the machine.
  • Review slideways, ballscrews, tool changers, lubrication systems and bearings.
  • Review workings of the high voltage components such as motor contactors, relays, transformers and power supplies.
  • Learn the proper procedure to check a motor and cable for shorts.

Basic Class Available Dates

  • August 20 – August 22: Nashville (La Vergne) TN
  • December 10 – December 12: Lafayette, Indiana

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    Intermediate Class

    Best for students with prior experience in the mechanical aspects of CNC.

    This class will cover the interface between the CNC, Ladder logic and machine tool.  We will:

    • Discuss how signals are sent from the machine side, processed in the ladder logic, and then sent to the CNC.
    • Diagnostic screens that are used to troubleshoot the machine including the status screen, trace function, operator history, FSSB and alarm history.
    • Troubleshoot a number of servo related alarms such as backlash compensation, grid shift and reference return procedures will be covered.
    Intermediate Class Available Dates
    • July 23 – July 25: Lafayette, Indiana
    • July 30 – August 1: Lafayette, Indiana
    • August 27 – August 29: Nashville (La Vergne) TN
    • December 17 – December 19: Lafayette, Indiana

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      Advanced Class

      Best for students looking looking to go from “Pretty Good” to “Expert”

      This class will build upon the information learned in the intermediate class.  You will:

      • Perform detailed inspections of the CNC to PMC addresses.
      • Learn to troubleshoot issues such as an intermittent feed hold, axis interlock, M-code failures and others. 
      • Review CNC parameters and diagnostics.
      • Demonstrate how to enable and disable scale feedback systems.
      • Complete multiple labs using ladder logic function statements will provide the students with hands on troubleshooting techniques.
      Advanced Class Available Dates
      • November 19-21: Lafayette, Indiana

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        Custom Class

        Covers potential issues on machines in your facility

        This is an advanced class that uses the ladder logic and I/O configuration from machines used on YOUR shop floor.  We will use this information to closely examine how your equipment is interfaced and how to go about troubleshooting it.  I will modify the schematics with pictures to help identify the primary components along with troubleshooting notes.  Please contact us for additional information regarding the types of controls that this can be used with and necessary documentation.

        To request information on a custom class, email