Siemens Testing Capabilities

Siemens Testing Capabilities

Capable of testing SIEMENS intelligent components in a complete system including; Drives, Power Modules, Power Supplies and Motors.  This proprietary tester is able to match digitized motor feedback with the mating Drive and Power Supplies and run them as a complete system in a simulated field set up.

Key Features:

  • Digitized controls monitor component efficiency
  • Feedback health data on overall condition of components
  • Provide fault history and real time fault data
  • Automatic shutdown if critical parameters fall outside OEM limits

Our SIEMENS Testers Include:

  • SimoDrive 611U – Universal Servo System Tester
  • SimoDrive 611U – Spindle Amplifier/Spindle Motor System Tester
  • SimoDrive 611D – Digital Servo System Tester
  • Sinamics S120 – Motion Control System Tester

We provide full system testing of:

  • SIMODRIVE (611): Servo Drives/Power Modules/Power Supplies
  • SINAMICS (S120): Servo Drives
  • SIMOTICS: Motors, low voltage DC through highly dynamic servo motors including ac/DC high voltage applications

Complete List of Siemens Repair Capabilities

DrivesSimoregDC Drive6RA2XXX-XXXXX-XXXX
DrivesMidi MasterVariable Frequency Drive6SE322X-XXXXX-XXXX
DrivesSimovert Inverter6SE4XXX-XXXXX-XXXX
DrivesMicro Master 440Variable Frequency Drive6SE6440-XXXXX-XXXX
DrivesMicro Master 430Variable Frequency Drive6SE6430-XXXXX-XXXX
DrivesMicro Master 420Variable Frequency Drive6SE6420-XXXXX-XXXX
DrivesMicro Master 410Variable Frequency Drive6SE6410-XXXXX-XXXX
DrivesSimovert Master DriveVariable Frequency Drive6SE7XXX-XXXXX-XXXX
DrivesSimovertVariable Frequency Drive6SE8XXX-XXXXX
DrivesMicro MasterVariable Frequency Drive6SE9XXX-XXXXX-XXXX
DrivesSimodrive 611Servo Drive Modules6SN1111-XXXXX-XXXX
DrivesSimodrive 611Servo Drive Modules6SN1112-XXXXX-XXXX
DrivesSimodrive 611Servo Drive Modules6SN1113-XXXXX-XXXX
DrivesSimodrive 611Servo Drive Modules6SN1114-XXXXX-XXXX
DrivesSimodrive 611Servo Drive Modules6SN1115-XXXXX-XXXX
DrivesSimodrive 611Servo Drive Modules6SN1117-XXXXX-XXXX
DrivesSimodrive 611Servo Drive Modules6SN1118-XXXXX-XXXX
DrivesSimodrive 611Servo Drive Modules6SN1121-XXXXX-XXXX
DrivesSimodrive 611Servo Drive Modules6SN1123-XXXXX-XXXX
DrivesSimodrive 611Servo Drive Modules6SN1124-XXXXX-XXXX
DrivesSimodrive 611Servo Drive Modules6SN1128-XXXXX-XXXX
DrivesSimodrive 611Servo Drive Modules6SN1130-XXXXX-XXXX
DrivesSimodrive 611Servo Drive Modules6SN1135-XXXXX-XXXX
DrivesSimodrive 611Servo Drive Modules6SN1140-XXXXX-XXXX
DrivesSimodrive 611Servo Drive Modules6SN1145-XXXXX-XXXX
DrivesSimodrive 611Servo Drive Modules6SN1146-XXXXX-XXXX
DrivesSimodrive 611Servo Drive Modules6SN1151-XXXXX-XXXX
DrivesSinamics S120Servo Drive Modules6SL3XXX-XXXXX
DrivesSimoregDC Drive6RA2XXX-XXXXX-XXXX
Power SupplySimodrivePower Module6SN1118-XXXXX-XXXX
Power SupplySimodrivePower Module6SN1123-XXXXX-XXXX
Power SupplySimodrivePower Module6SN1145-XXXXX-XXXX
Power SupplySimodrivePower Supply Board6SC6XXX-XXXXX-XXXX
Power SupplySinamics S120Power Module6SL3XXX-XXXXX
Power SupplySitopPower Supply6EPXXXX-XXXXX
MotorsSimoticsServo Motor1FT6XXX-XXXXX-XXXX
MotorsSimoticsServo Motor1FT7XXX-XXXXX-XXXX
MotorsSimoticsServo Motor1FKXXXX-XXXXX-XXXX
MotorsSimoticsServo Motor1PHXXXX-XXXXX-XXXX
MotorsSimoticsServo Motor1PM6XXX-XXXXX-XXXX
MotorsSimoticsServo Motor1PM4XXX-XXXXX-XXXX
HMI/ComputerSimaticSimatic Operator Panel6AV1XXX-XXXXX
HMI/ComputerSimaticSimatic Operator Panel6AV3XXX-XXXXX-X
HMI/ComputerSimaticSimatic Operator Panel6AV5XXX-XXXXX-X
HMI/ComputerSimaticSimatic Operator Panel6AV6XXX-XXXXX-X
HMI/ComputerSimaticSimatic Operator Panel6AV7XXX-XXXXX-X

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