Material Handling Robot Applications

Automating various tasks within a production line, material handling robots offer a solution to streamline operations, eliminate monotony, and enhance safety. Incorporating material handling robots into your production process can significantly boost efficiency and customer satisfaction, ensuring the timely delivery of quality products.

Material handling encompasses a broad spectrum of activities on the shop floor, including part selection and transfer, palletizing, packing, and machine loading. These applications are all considered integral components of material handling.

When selecting suitable material handling equipment for your facility, several factors come into play. Considerations such as payload and speed requirements, the necessity of end-of-arm tooling or grippers, facility layout and floor space, the nature of the materials to be handled, and potential production challenges all play crucial roles.

TIE specializes in both new and used material handling robots from reputable manufacturers. With an extensive inventory of robot handling systems, we are equipped to guide you in selecting and customizing the ideal solution for your needs. Our offerings encompass new and refurbished material handling robots from renowned brands including Fanuc, Yaskawa Motoman, ABB, and KUKA, all available at competitive prices. We take pride in delivering comprehensive customer service, engineering expertise, and training. Our reconditioned robots have undergone meticulous refurbishment processes to restore them to their optimal conditions.

For those seeking robotic material handling workcells, RobotWorx provides a commitment to collaborating with each customer to create tailored new or used robot handling systems that align with their specific requirements.

Applications of Material Handling Robots:

  1. Assembly Robots: Assembly robots play a pivotal role in lean industrial processes, expanding production capabilities across the manufacturing landscape. By employing assembly line robots, production speed and consistency can experience remarkable improvements. These robots alleviate workers from mundane assembly line tasks, resulting in increased efficiency and engagement.
  2. Dispensing Robot Applications: Utilizing industrial robots for dispensing tasks not only accelerates the release or pouring of items but also enhances precision in quantity measurement. The application of robotics in dispensing contributes to heightened efficiency and accuracy.
  3. Injection Molding Robot Applications: Robots tending to injection molding machines enable uninterrupted operations, leading to heightened productivity and dependable cycle times. The robots maintain consistent timing, placement, and efficiency without requiring breaks or making errors.

Incorporating material handling robots into your production process can revolutionize the way tasks are carried out, driving efficiency, precision, and overall operational excellence. Contact our team of robot consultants today to find the right robot for your material handling application or request a quick quote online.

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